Bethel Census Area County Schools (Alaska)

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Bethel Census Area Public Schools in Bethel Census Area, Alaska operate at the kindergarten through 12th grade level to educate children living in their district. They are publicly funded by Bethel Census Area, Alaska State, and Federal tax dollars, and they are required to provide education to all children. Public Schools typically operate as part of a larger district or school system. Bethel Census Area Public Schools provide information on their enrollment deadlines, the school calendar, class sizes, school start and end times, school breaks, and graduation requirements. They often also provide details on the principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school, as well as school zone boundaries and bussing routes. This information is often available on the Bethel Census Area school district website.

Akiachak School Akiachak AK 1st Main St 99551 907-825-3616

Akiak School Akiak AK Akiak # 5227 99552 907-765-4600

Akiuk Memorial School Kasigluk AK 104 Village Rd 99609 907-477-6829

Akula Elitnaurvik School Kasigluk AK 100 Akula Heights 99609 907-477-6615

Aniak Jr/Sr High School Aniak AK 201 High School Road 99557 907-675-4330

Aniak Junior/Senior High School Aniak AK 201 High School Road 99557 907-675-4330

Anna Tobeluk Memorial School Nunapitchuk AK 114 Village Road 99641 907-527-5701

Arviq School Platinum AK 1 Village Rd 99651 907-979-8111

Auntie Mary Nicoli Elementary Aniak AK 200 Boundary Avenue 99557 907-675-4363

Auntie Mary Nicoli Elementary School Aniak AK 101 Boundary Avenue 99557 907-675-4363

Ayagina'Ar Elitnaurvik Kongiganak AK 106 Village Road 99559 907-557-5551

Ayaprun Elitnaurvik Bethel AK 1010 4th Avenue 99559 907-543-1645

Ayaprun School Newtok AK 112 Village Road 99559 907-237-2505

Bethel Alternative Boarding School Bethel AK 1010 4th Avenue 99559 907-543-5610

Bethel Regional High School Bethel AK Ron Edwards Memorial Drive 99559 907-543-3957

Bethel Youth Facility Bethel AK 1004 Ron Edwards Memorial Drive 99559 907-543-5200

Bethel Youth Facility School Bethel AK Bethel Airport 99559 907-543-5200

Chaputnguak School Chefornak AK 102 Village Road 99561 907-867-8700

Chief Paul Memorial School Kipnuk AK 105 Village Rd 99614 907-896-5011

Crow Village Sam School Aniak AK Teen Center Road 99557 907-467-4229

Eek School Eek AK 103 Village Road 99578 907-536-5227

George Morgan Senior HS School Kalskag AK Kalskag 99607 907-471-2288

George Morgan Sr. H.S. Upper Kalskag AK Airport Road 99626 907-471-2288

Gladys Jung Elementary Bethel AK 1007 Ron Edwards Memorial Drive 99559 907-543-4440

Gusty Michael School Stony River AK 205 Elbow Road 99557 907-537-3225

Jack Egnaty Senior School Sleetmute AK Sleetmute Airport 99668 907-449-4216

Jack Egnaty Sr. School Sleetmute AK 206 River Bend Road 99668 907-449-4216

Joann A. Alexie Memorial School Atmautluak AK 101 Village Rd 99559 907-553-5112

Johnnie John Senior School Crooked Creek AK 101 School Rd 99575 907-432-2205

Joseph S & Olinga Gregory Elementary School Kalskag AK Kalskag 99607 907-471-2289

Joseph S. & Olinga Gregory Elementary Bethel AK 401 Ridgecrest Drive 99559 907-471-2289

Ket'Acik/Aapalluk Memorial School Bethel AK River Street 99559 907-757-6014

Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat Quinhagak AK 117 Airport Road 99655 907-556-8628

Kuskokwim Learning Academy Bethel AK 1010 4th Avenue 99559 907-543-5610

Kwigillingok School Kwigillingok AK 108 Village Rd 99622 907-588-8629

Lewis Angapak Memorial School Tuntutuliak AK 153 Dump Rd 99680 907-256-2415

Mikelnguut Elitnaurviat Bethel AK 1005 Raven Road 99559 907-543-2845

Nelson Island Area School Toksook Bay AK 101 Village Rd 99637 907-427-7815

Nightmute School Bethel AK River Street 99559 907-647-6313

Nuniwarmiut School Mekoryuk AK 109 Village Road 99630 907-827-8415

Paul T. Albert Memorial School Tununak AK School Road 99681 907-652-6827

Qugcuun Memorial School Napaskiak AK 115 Village Rd 99559 907-737-7214

Qugcuun Memorial School Bethel AK 1 Ron Edwards Memorial Drive 99559 907-737-7214

Rocky Mountain School Goodnews Bay AK 121 Village Road 99589 907-967-8213

Tuluksak School Tuluksak AK Tuluksak # 115 99679 907-695-5625

William Miller Memorial School Napakiak AK 110 Village Road 99634 907-589-2420

Z John Williams Memorial School Napaskiak AK 111 Village Rd 99634 907-737-7212

Zackar Levi Elementary Lower Kalskag AK Front Street 99626 907-471-2318