Mohave County Schools

Search for Mohave County AZ schools. A county school search can provide information on local public schools, local private schools, local Montessori schools, enrollment deadlines, school zone boundaries, school calendars, school bus routes, class sizes, start times, end times, school breaks, graduation requirements, private school tuition, private school fees, parochial schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools.

Public Schools operate at the kindergarten through 12th grade level to educate children living in their district. They are publicly funded by local, state, and federal tax dollars, and they are required to provide education to all children. Public Schools typically operate as part of a larger district or school system. Public schools provide information on their enrollment deadlines, the school calendar, class sizes, school start and end times, school breaks, and graduation requirements. They often also provide details on the principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school, as well as school zone boundaries and bussing routes. This information is often available on the school district website.

Academy of Building Industries Fort Mohave AZ 1547 East Lipan Boulevard 86426 928-788-2601

Beaver Dam Middle School Littlefield AZ 3436 East Rio Virgin Road 86432 928-347-5252

Black Mountain Elementary School Golden Valley AZ 3404 Santa Maria Road 86413 928-565-9111

Bullhead City Junior High School Bullhead AZ 1062 Hancock Road 86442 928-758-3961

Cedar Hills School Kingman AZ 9501 Nellie Drive 86401 928-692-0013

Cerbat Elementary School Kingman AZ 2689 Jagerson Avenue 86409 928-753-5678

Colorado City High School Colorado City AZ 255 N Cottownwood St 86021 928-875-9001

Coyote Canyon School Bullhead AZ 1820 Lakeside Drive 86442 928-758-4909

Daytona Middle School Lake Havasu AZ 100 University Way 86403 928-505-1460

Desert Valley School Bullhead AZ 1066 Marina Boulevard 86442 928-758-6606

EAGLE Academy Golden Valley AZ 3355 Magma Road 86413 928-565-3400

El Capitan Public School Colorado City AZ 255 N Cottonwood St 86021 928-875-9000

Elcaponline School Colorado City AZ 255 N Cottonwood St 86021 928-875-9030

Havasu Preparatory Academy Public Charter Elementary Lake Havasu AZ 3155 Maricopa Avenue 86406 928-854-4011

Hualapai Elementary School Kingman AZ 350 Eastern Street 86401 928-753-1919

Kingman Academy Of Learning - High School Kingman AZ 3420 North Burbank Street 86409 928-681-2900

Kingman Academy Of Learning - Intermediate School Kingman AZ 3419 Harrison Street 86409 928-681-3200

Kingman Academy Of Learning - Middle School Kingman AZ 3269 Harrison Street 86401 928-692-5265

Kingman Academy Of Learning - Primary School Kingman AZ 3400 North Burbank Street 86409 928-692-2500

Kingman Middle School Kingman AZ 1969 Detroit Avenue 86401 928-753-3583

La Senita Elementary School Kingman AZ 3175 Gordon Drive 86409 928-757-4328

Manzanita Elementary School Kingman AZ 2601 Detroit Avenue 86401 928-753-6197

Mohave Accelerated Elementary School East Bullhead AZ 2850 Silver Creek Road 86442 928-704-9345

Mohave Valley Elementary School Mohave Valley AZ 1419 Willow Drive 86440 928-768-2507

Mt Tipton Elementary School Dolan Springs AZ 16500 Pierce Ferry Road 86441 928-767-3350

Music Mountain Junior/Senior High School Peach Springs AZ 16500 E Hwy 66 86434 928-769-2202

Nautilus Elementary School Lake Havasu AZ 1425 Patrician Drive 86404 928-505-6900

Oro Grande Elementary School Lake Havasu AZ 1250 Pawnee Drive 86406 928-505-6080

Owens Elementary School Wikieup AZ 14109 Chicken Springs Road 85360 928-765-2311

Palo Christi Elementary School Kingman AZ 500 Maple Street 86401 928-753-2472

Pillar Academy of Business & Finance Mohave Valley AZ 1589 Plantation Drive 86440 602-944-5111

River Valley High School Mohave Valley AZ 2250 Laguna Road 86440 928-768-2300

Round Table Program School Lake Havasu AZ 2200 Havasupai Boulevard 86403 928-855-6455

Telesis Preparatory Academy Lake Havasu AZ 2598 Starlite Lane 86403 928-855-8661

The Gloria Dusek Compass School Kingman AZ 300 West Andy Devine Avenue 86401 928-753-0721

Topock Elementary School Topock AZ 5083 Tule Drive 86436 928-768-3344

Valentine Elementary School Peach Springs AZ 12491 N Byers St 86434 928-769-2310

White Cliffs Middle School Kingman AZ 400 Grandview Avenue 86401 928-753-6238

Young Scholars Academy Bullhead AZ 1501 Valencia Road 86426 928-704-1100

Yucca Elementary School Yucca AZ 12261 South 3rd Street 86438 928-766-2581

Private Schools provide education at the kindergarten through 12th grade level. They are privately operated and are largely funded through student tuition and fees. Private schools can fall into a number of categories, including religious schools, parochial schools, private special education schools, Montessori schools, boarding schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools. These schools provide information on their enrollment requirements, school calendar, tuition and fees, school mission, class sizes, affiliated schools or religious institutions, graduation requirements, school breaks, and school start and end times. They often also provide details on the principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school. This information is often available on the school's website.

Bethany Christian School Lake Havasu AZ 1200 Park Terrace Avenue 86404 928-855-2661

Calvary Christian Academy Lake Havasu AZ 1605 McCulloch Boulevard South 86406 928-854-5465

Colorado City Academy Colorado City AZ 255 1800 South 86021 928-875-2203

Emmanuel Christian Academy of Kingman Kingman AZ 3120 Hualapai Mountain Road 86401 928-681-4220

Family Of God Lutheran School & Little Lambs Ps Fort Mohave AZ PO Box 10949 86427 928-763-3886

Montessori School House Bullhead AZ 945 Thumb Butte Drive 86429 928-754-2333

Our Saviour Lutheran School Lake Havasu AZ 3045 Arapaho Drive 86406 928-680-6181