Denver County Schools

Search for Denver County CO schools. A county school search can provide information on local public schools, local private schools, local Montessori schools, enrollment deadlines, school zone boundaries, school calendars, school bus routes, class sizes, start times, end times, school breaks, graduation requirements, private school tuition, private school fees, parochial schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools.

Denver County Public Schools in Denver County Colorado operate at the kindergarten through 12th grade level to educate children living in their district. They are publicly funded by Denver County Colorado State, and Federal tax dollars, and they are required to provide education to all children. Public Schools typically operate as part of a larger district or school system. Denver County Public Schools provide information on their enrollment deadlines, the school calendar, class sizes, school start and end times, school breaks, and graduation requirements. They often also provide details on the principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school, as well as school zone boundaries and bussing routes. This information is often available on the Denver County school district website.

Abraham Lincoln High School Denver CO 2285 South Federal Boulevard 80219 720-423-5000

Academia Ana Marie Sandoval Denver CO 3655 Wyandot Street 80211 720-424-4370

Academy Of Urban Learning Denver CO 835 East 18th Avenue 80218 303-282-0900

Ace Community Challenge Charter School Denver CO 948 Santa Fe Drive 80204 303-436-9588

Adventure Elementary at Western Hills Denver CO 7700 Delta Street 80221 303-853-1410

Asbury Elementary School Denver CO 1320 East Asbury Avenue 80210 720-424-9750

Ashley Elementary School Denver CO 1914 Syracuse Street 80220 720-424-9748

Barnum Elementary School Denver CO 85 Hooker Street 80219 720-424-9590

Barrett Elementary School Denver CO 2900 Richard Allen Court 80205 303-388-5841

Beach Court Elementary School Denver CO 4950 Beach Court 80221 720-424-9470

Bradley Elementary School Denver CO 3051 South Elm Street 80222 720-424-9468

Brady Exploration School Denver CO 5220 West Ohio Avenue 80226 303-982-6722

Bromwell Elementary School Denver CO 2500 East 4th Avenue 80206 720-424-9330

Brown Elementary School Denver CO 2550 Lowell Boulevard 80211 720-424-9250

Bruce Randolph School Denver CO 3955 Steele Street 80205 720-424-1080

Bryant Webster K-8 School Denver CO 3635 Quivas Street 80211 720-424-9170

Carson Elementary School Denver CO 5420 East 1st Avenue 80220 720-424-9090

Castro Elementary School Denver CO 845 South Lowell Boulevard 80219 720-424-8990

Centennial K-8 School Denver CO 4665 Raleigh Street 80212 720-424-8900

Cesar Chavez Academy Elementary School Denver CO 3752 Tennyson Street 80212 303-455-0848

Challenge School Denver CO 9659 East Mississippi Avenue 80247 720-747-2100

Charles M Schenck Community School Denver CO 1300 South Lowell Boulevard 80219 303-935-4606

Cheltenham Elementary School Denver CO 1580 Julian Street 80204 720-424-8810

Clara E Metz Elementary School Denver CO 2341 Sherrelwood Drive 80221 303-428-1884

Cole Arts And Science Academy Denver CO 3240 Humboldt Street 80205 720-423-9120

Cole School Denver CO 3240 Humboldt Street 80205 720-524-6310

Colfax Elementary School Denver CO 1526 Tennyson Street 80204 720-424-8740

College View Middle School Denver CO 2675 South Decatur Street 80219 720-424-8660

Collegiate Preparatory Academy Denver CO 5000 Crown Boulevard 80239 720-423-5750

Colorado High School Denver CO 1175 Osage Street 80204 303-892-8475

Columbian Elementary School Denver CO 2925 West 40th Avenue 80211 720-424-8580

Columbine Elementary School Denver CO 2540 East 29th Avenue 80205 720-424-8510

Contemporary Learning Academy High School Denver CO 2211 West 27th Avenue 80211 720-423-6900

Coronado Hills Elementary School Denver CO 8300 Downing Drive 80229 720-972-5320

Denver County Private Schools in Denver County Colorado provide education at the kindergarten through 12th grade level. They are privately operated and are largely funded through student tuition and fees. Denver County Private Schools can fall into a number of categories, including religious schools, parochial schools, private special education schools, Montessori schools, boarding schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools. These schools provide information on their enrollment requirements, school calendar, tuition and fees, school mission, class sizes, affiliated schools or religious institutions, graduation requirements, school breaks, and school start and end times. They often also provide details on the Denver County principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school. This information is often available on the school's website.

Accelerated Schools Denver CO 2160 South Cook Street 80210 303-758-2003

Arrupe Jesuit High School Denver CO 4343 Utica Street 80212 303-455-7449

Assumption Catholic School Denver CO 2341 East 78th Avenue 80229 303-288-2159

Bansbach Academy At Denver Childrens Home Denver CO 1501 Albion Street 80220 720-881-3416

Beacon Country Day School Denver CO PO Box 22126 80222 303-771-3990

Bergamo Academy Denver CO PO Box 9009 80209 303-825-1333

Beth Jacob High School Denver CO 5100 West 14th Avenue 80204 303-893-1333

Bishop Machebeuf High School Denver CO 458 Uinta Way 80230 303-344-0082

Blessed Sacrament Parish School Denver CO 1973 Elm St 80220 303-377-8835

Calvary Apostolic Academy Denver CO 5900 East Yale Avenue 80222 303-758-5900

Change Christian Academy Denver CO 12505 Elmendorf Place 80239 303-373-5200

Children's Outreach Project Denver CO 8000 Pecos Street 80221 303-429-0653

Childrens Garden Montessori Denver CO 444 Detroit Street 80206 303-322-0972

Christ The King Roman Catholic School Denver CO 860 Elm Street 80220 303-321-2123

Colorado Academy Denver CO 3800 South Pierce Street 80235 303-986-1501

Colorado International School Denver CO 4100 East Iliff Avenue 80222 303-282-6666