Patillas Municipio County Schools (Puerto Rico)

Patillas Municipio Public Schools in Patillas Municipio, Puerto Rico operate at the kindergarten through 12th grade level to educate children living in their district. They are publicly funded by Patillas Municipio, Puerto Rico State, and Federal tax dollars, and they are required to provide education to all children. Public Schools typically operate as part of a larger district or school system. Patillas Municipio Public Schools provide information on their enrollment deadlines, the school calendar, class sizes, school start and end times, school breaks, and graduation requirements. They often also provide details on the principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school, as well as school zone boundaries and bussing routes. This information is often available on the Patillas Municipio school district website.

Andrea Lebron Ramos (Especializada) Patillas PR Carr 184 Km 7 Hm 1 Bo Mulas 00723 787-839-0844

Cecilio Lebron Ramos Patillas PR Calle Munoz Rivera Final 00723 787-839-3550

Cirilo Santiago Plaud Patillas PR Carr 757 Bo Los Pollos 00723 787-839-2119

Guillermo Riefkhol Patillas PR Carr 3 Km 118 Hm 3 00723 787-839-8231

Josefina Munoz De Bernier Patillas PR Ave Jesus T Pinero 00723 787-839-3630

Lamboglia Patillas PR Carr 3 Km 117 Hm 8 Lamboglia 00723 787-839-4241

Maria Davila Semidey Patillas PR Carr 3 #300 00723 787-839-0844

Maria Milagros Ortiz (Jacaboa) Patillas PR Carr 758 Km 1.7 Bo Jacaboa 00723 787-839-3962

Marin Abajo Patillas PR Bo Marin Bajo 00723 787-839-0199

Rafaelina E. Lebron Flores Patillas PR Urb San Martin Calle Pricipal 00723 787-839-3419

Su Joaquin Parrillas Patillas PR Carr 184 Km 2 Hm 5 00723 787-839-0357

Tomas Vera Ayala Patillas PR Carr 3 Km 2 Hm 15 Bo Guardaray 00723 787-839-2144