Milwaukee County Schools

Search for Milwaukee County WI schools. A county school search can provide information on local public schools, local private schools, local Montessori schools, enrollment deadlines, school zone boundaries, school calendars, school bus routes, class sizes, start times, end times, school breaks, graduation requirements, private school tuition, private school fees, parochial schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools.

Milwaukee County Public Schools in Milwaukee County Wisconsin operate at the kindergarten through 12th grade level to educate children living in their district. They are publicly funded by Milwaukee County Wisconsin State, and Federal tax dollars, and they are required to provide education to all children. Public Schools typically operate as part of a larger district or school system. Milwaukee County Public Schools provide information on their enrollment deadlines, the school calendar, class sizes, school start and end times, school breaks, and graduation requirements. They often also provide details on the principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school, as well as school zone boundaries and bussing routes. This information is often available on the Milwaukee County school district website.

ALBA School Milwaukee WI 1712 South 32nd Street 53215 414-902-7525

Academy of Accelerated Learning Milwaukee WI 3727 South 78th Street 53220 414-604-7300

Advanced Language And Academic Studies School Milwaukee WI 971 West Windlake Avenue 53204 414-902-7300

Alcott School Milwaukee WI 3563 South 97th Street 53228 414-604-7400

Allen-Field Elementary School Milwaukee WI 730 West Lapham Boulevard 53204 414-902-9200

Alternative Learning Center West Allis WI 1135 South 70th Street 53214 414-604-3510

Assata School Milwaukee WI 2023 West Wisconsin Avenue 53233 414-345-6113

Atwater Elementary School Shorewood WI 2100 East Capitol Drive 53211 414-963-6962

Audubon Middle School Milwaukee WI 3300 South 39th Street 53215 414-902-7800

Auer Avenue Elementary School Milwaukee WI 2319 West Auer Avenue 53206 414-875-4500

Banner Preparatory School Of Milwaukee Milwaukee WI 5460 North 64th Street 53218 414-461-9561

Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education Milwaukee WI 5075 North Sherman Boulevard 53209 414-393-5000

Barbee Elementary School Milwaukee WI 4456 North Teutonia Avenue 53209 414-874-5600

Barton Elementary School Milwaukee WI 5700 West Green Tree Road 53223 414-393-3900

Bay View School Milwaukee WI 2751 South Lenox Street 53207 414-294-2400

Bayside Middle School Bayside WI 601 East Ellsworth Lane 53217 414-351-7486

Ben Franklin Elementary School Franklin WI 7620 South 83rd Street 53132 414-529-8270

Bethune Academy Milwaukee WI 1535 North 35th Street 53208 414-934-4600

Blakewood Elementary School South Milwaukee WI 3501 Blakewood Avenue 53172 414-766-5900

Bradley Technology High School Milwaukee WI 700 South 4th Street 53204 414-212-2400

Brown Deer Middle School Brown Deer WI 8060 North 60th Street 53223 414-371-7000

Brown Early Childhood Center Brown Deer WI 5757 West Dean Road 53223 414-371-6900

Brown Street Academy Milwaukee WI 2029 North 20th Street 53205 414-935-3100

Browning Elementary School Milwaukee WI 5440 North 64th Street 53218 414-393-5200

Bruce Elementary School Milwaukee WI 6453 North 89th Street 53224 414-393-2100

Bruce Guadalupe Community School Milwaukee WI 1028 South 9th Street 53204 414-643-6441

Bryant Elementary School Milwaukee WI 8718 West Thurston Avenue 53225 414-393-6500

Burbank Elementary School Milwaukee WI 6035 West Adler Street 53214 414-256-8400

Burdick Elementary School Milwaukee WI 4348 South Griffin Avenue 53207 414-294-1200

Burroughs Middle School Milwaukee WI 6700 North 80th Street 53223 414-393-3500

Business And Economics Academy Of Milwaukee Milwaukee WI 3620 North 18th Street 53206 414-615-3915

Canterbury Elementary School Greendale WI 7000 Enfield Avenue 53129 414-423-2770

Capitol West Academy Milwaukee WI 3939 North 88th Street 53222 414-465-1302

Carmen High School And Technology Milwaukee WI 1712 South 32nd Street 53215 414-384-4444

Carollton Elementary School Oak Creek WI 8965 South Carollton Drive 53154 414-768-6290

Carson Academy Milwaukee WI 4920 West Capitol Drive 53216 414-393-4800

Milwaukee County Private Schools in Milwaukee County Wisconsin provide education at the kindergarten through 12th grade level. They are privately operated and are largely funded through student tuition and fees. Milwaukee County Private Schools can fall into a number of categories, including religious schools, parochial schools, private special education schools, Montessori schools, boarding schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools. These schools provide information on their enrollment requirements, school calendar, tuition and fees, school mission, class sizes, affiliated schools or religious institutions, graduation requirements, school breaks, and school start and end times. They often also provide details on the Milwaukee County principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school. This information is often available on the school's website.

Alstons Preparatory Academy Milwaukee WI 921 North 49th Street 53208 414-771-2443

Atlas Preparatory Academy Milwaukee WI 2911 South 32nd Street 53215 414-385-0771

Atonement Lutheran School Milwaukee WI 4224 West Ruby Avenue 53209 414-871-1224

Badger State Baptist School Oak Creek WI 8519 South 13th Street 53154 414-301-9319

Beautiful Savior Lutheran School Milwaukee WI 3012 North Holton Street 53212 414-263-7614

Believers In Christ Milwaukee WI 4065 North 25th Street 53209 414-444-1146

Blessed Sacrament School Milwaukee WI 3126 South 41st Street 53215 414-649-4730

Blessed Savior East Campus Milwaukee WI 5140 North 55th Street 53218 414-438-2745

Blessed Savior North Campus Milwaukee WI 5501 North 68th Street 53218 414-466-0470

Blessed Savior School Milwaukee WI 8545 West Villard Avenue 53225 414-464-5775

Blessed Savior South Campus Milwaukee WI 4059 North 64th Street 53216 414-463-3878

COA Youth & Family Centers Milwaukee WI 909 East North Avenue 53212 414-263-8383

Calvarys Christian Academy Milwaukee WI 510 East Burleigh Street 53212 414-982-7084

Carmelite Home For Boys - School Wauwatosa WI 1214 Kavanaugh Place 53213 414-248-5791