Riverside County Schools

Search for Riverside County CA schools. A county school search can provide information on local public schools, local private schools, local Montessori schools, enrollment deadlines, school zone boundaries, school calendars, school bus routes, class sizes, start times, end times, school breaks, graduation requirements, private school tuition, private school fees, parochial schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools.

Riverside County Public Schools in Riverside County California operate at the kindergarten through 12th grade level to educate children living in their district. They are publicly funded by Riverside County California State, and Federal tax dollars, and they are required to provide education to all children. Public Schools typically operate as part of a larger district or school system. Riverside County Public Schools provide information on their enrollment deadlines, the school calendar, class sizes, school start and end times, school breaks, and graduation requirements. They often also provide details on the principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school, as well as school zone boundaries and bussing routes. This information is often available on the Riverside County school district website.

Abby Reinke Elementary School Temecula CA 43799 Sunny Meadows Drive 92592 951-302-6610

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Palm Desert CA 74100 Rutledge Way 92260 760-862-4340

Acacia Middle School Hemet CA 1200 Acacia Avenue 92543 951-765-1620

Adams Elementary School Riverside CA 8362 Colorado Avenue 92504 951-352-6709

Agua Caliente Elementary School Cathedral CA 30800 San Luis Rey Drive 92234 760-416-8235

Alamos Elementary School Murrieta CA 38200 Pacific Park Drive 92563 951-294-6760

Alcott Elementary School Riverside CA 2433 Central Avenue 92506 951-788-7451

Alessandro High School Hemet CA 831 East Devonshire Avenue 92543 951-765-5182

Alessandro High School Moreno Valley CA 23311 Dracaea Avenue 92553 951-571-4510

Allan Orrenmaa Elementary School Riverside CA 3350 Fillmore Street 92503 951-351-9357

Alta Murrieta Elementary School Murrieta CA 39475 Whitewood Road 92563 951-696-1403

Alvord Continuation High School Riverside CA 3606 Pierce Street 92503 951-351-9273

Amelia Earhart Elementary School Of International Indio CA 45250 Dune Palms Road 92201 760-200-3720

Amelia Earhart Middle School Riverside CA 20202 Aptos Street 92508 951-697-5700

Amistad High School Indio CA 83501 Dillon Avenue 92201 760-775-3570

Andrew Jackson Elementary School Indio CA 82850 Kenner Avenue 92201 760-775-3830

Anna Hause Elementary School Beaumont CA 1015 Carnation Lane 92223 951-769-1674

Antelope Hills Elementary School Murrieta CA 36105 Murrieta Oaks Avenue 92562 951-445-4110

Arizona Middle School Riverside CA 11045 Arizona Avenue 92503 951-358-1675

Arlanza Elementary School Riverside CA 5891 Rutland Avenue 92503 951-358-1600

Arlington Junior High School Riverside CA 2951 Jackson Street 92503 951-352-8316

Armada Elementary School Moreno Valley CA 25201 John F Kennedy Drive 92551 951-571-4500

Auburndale Intermediate School Corona CA 1255 River Road 92880 951-736-3231

Avalon Elementary School Perris CA 1815 East Rider Street 92571 951-490-0360

Avaxat Elementary School Murrieta CA 24300 Rancho Las Brisas Dr 92562 951-696-1402

Badger Springs Middle School Moreno Valley CA 24750 Delphinium Avenue 92553 951-571-4200

Banning High School Banning CA 100 West Westward Avenue 92220 951-922-0285

Banning Independent Study School Banning CA 541 North Alessandro Street 92220 951-922-2778

Banning Pre-K School Banning CA 161 West Williams Street 92220 951-922-0224

Bautista Creek Elementary School Hemet CA 441 North Lake Street 92544 951-927-0822

Bayside Elementary School Moreno Valley CA 24975 Bay Avenue 92553 951-571-7890

Bear Valley Elementary School Moreno Valley CA 26125 Fir Avenue 92555 951-571-4520

Beaumont High School Cherry Valley CA 39139 Cherry Valley Boulevard 92223 951-845-3171

Bell Mountain Middle School Menifee CA 28525 La Piedra Road 92584 951-301-8496

Bella Vista Middle School Murrieta CA 31650 Browning Street 92563 951-294-6600

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School La Quinta CA 77800 Calle Tampico 92253 760-238-9424

Benjamin Franklin High School Riverside CA 19661 Orange Terrace Parkway 92508 951-571-6502

Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove Corona CA 2650 Oak Avenue 92882 951-739-5645

Blythe Middle School Blythe CA 825 North Lovekin Boulevard 92225 760-922-1300

Riverside County Private Schools in Riverside County California provide education at the kindergarten through 12th grade level. They are privately operated and are largely funded through student tuition and fees. Riverside County Private Schools can fall into a number of categories, including religious schools, parochial schools, private special education schools, Montessori schools, boarding schools, language immersion schools, and Waldorf schools. These schools provide information on their enrollment requirements, school calendar, tuition and fees, school mission, class sizes, affiliated schools or religious institutions, graduation requirements, school breaks, and school start and end times. They often also provide details on the Riverside County principals, administrators, teachers, and staff members who work at the school. This information is often available on the school's website.

ABC Child Care Temecula CA 29705 Solana Way 92591 951-699-5251

ABC Child Care Village Temecula CA 40045 Village Road 92591 951-491-0940

All Saints Carden Academy Riverside CA 3847 Terracina Drive 92506 951-682-8122

Amor Christian Academy Corona CA PO Box 2650 92878 951-735-6609

Anne Sullivan Nursery School and Kindergarten Wildomar CA 21776 Palomar Street 92595 951-678-3557

Anza Valley Christian School Anza CA PO Box 391520 92539 951-763-4937

Apple Tree Learning Center Riverside CA 220 West Big Springs Road 92507 951-784-2430

Baptist Christian School of Hemet Hemet CA 26089 Girard Street 92544 951-658-3203

Bermuda Dunes Learning Center Bermuda Dunes CA 42115 Yucca Lane 92203 760-772-7127

Bethel Christian Schools Riverside CA 2425 Van Buren Boulevard 92503 951-359-1123

Big Springs Center & School Moreno Valley CA 11650 Perris Boulevard 92557 951-488-0404